The Last Demon Hunter is Jak's debut book and the launch of his book series. Beginning as a horror story in high school, it has undergone many changes to become the tale it is today. The Last Demon Hunter is followed by its sequel, Rules of Engagement, the second story in the series. Currently, Jak is working on the third installment in the series, which delves ever deeper into the history of the world created in The Last Demon Hunter.

Jak has had a passion for writing all his life, beginning as a child by drawing comic strips and then moving on to writing short stories for his own pleasure. After a few of his peers had read some of his stories and showed interest in them he was encouraged to get published. After some thought, Jak decided to develop a world different from the stories and characters he had been working with all his life and create something new. Something small. That idea turned into The Last Demon Hunter, a far cry from the idea he began with. From a short story about a murderer, an epic adventure was born. Jak's one-shot story has evolved into an expanding series.

Featured Author: Jak Lore